Choosing Between Garbage Bins And Junk Removal Services

28 February 2020
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When you choose to complete a home renovation project, you might think about all the excess waste you will have. The same applies to cleaning out a house that has been lived in by a hoarder or if you need to clean out a property for any other reason. You might weigh your options, which could include either renting a dumpster or booking a junk removal service to come in. Is a bin rental the better option? Is there ever a time you should consider junk removal instead? This is what you need to know.

Think About How Long the Project Will Take

How long do you expect the project to take, and what will it entail? You should consider renting a dumpster or bin if you suspect the project will take longer than a few days. Junk removal services typically come in and pick up items you no longer want. These are situations in which they might need to take just one trip to remove all the unwanted items in a truck. Dumpster rental allows you to work at your own pace, and you do not have to wait for a junk removal service to take care of it.

Consider Your Budget

The prices of the bin rental versus the junk removal process also makes a difference. You may need to call each type of service and see what kind of service they can offer at your price point. Keep in mind that you may need to obtain a permit in order to rent a dumpster, whereas a removal service typically does not require you to obtain the permit. You should also consider the cost of your time.

Look at the Material You Are Tossing

Your next step is to take a close look at the material you intend to throw away. How much do you have to toss? If you only have a few large items, junk removal may be the best bet. If you have a lot of material, and a lot of it is garbage, you should consider a dumpster bin. Junk removal is better for moving a few large items out of the house, but if you have bags upon bags of garbage, a bin is a good idea. Bin rentals are also a great choice if you plan to "clean as you go," as you might when you are dealing with a hoarding situation at home.