Keep Your Kids Safe On The Deck With 4 Simple Safety Tips

8 April 2016
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Having a deck in your backyard can provide a great way to enjoy barbecuing, spend some time outdoors, or entertaining friends and family when the weather is nice. While you may enjoy several aspects of having a deck, it's important that you consider some of the safety risks if you have young children. Since your deck is likely a few feet off the ground, there's always the chance that your child could fall and hurt themselves.

With this in mind, you can improve the safety of the deck by implementing some of the following four things.

Set Aside the Time to Teach Your Kids Some Rules

The easiest way to prevent your child from getting injured while spending time on the deck is teaching them a few basic safety rules. Some good rules to set include no running while on the deck, no climbing on the rails, and waiting until you are present for supervision. Just informing your child of a few simple rules can make a big difference in the chance of injuries occurring.

Insist on Wearing Shoes When on the Deck

Another rule that you should set in place and can make much easier by putting out a rack for their shoes is requiring your child to always wear shoes on the deck. Not only can this provide better traction for them while spending time outside, it can also prevent the chance of stepping on splinters or small rocks that could be on the deck.

Routinely Check the Sturdiness of the Railing

While your deck may be built strong, there's always the chance that the railing could become weak over time. Luckily, making it sturdy is as simple as using screws and bolts, similarly to a regular staircase. Check out how sturdy the railing is by holding onto it and gently rocking it.

Lay Down a Mat to Provide Extra Traction

Another way to prevent your child from slipping and falling while on the deck is by laying down a mat or two. Whether you choose a small mat to place near the door to the deck or you opt for a larger mat that takes up a good amount of space on the deck, this can provide some extra traction that is necessary for young children.

Getting your deck in shape for safety can make a big difference in how comfortable you are allowing your kids to spend time on the deck and still avoid injuries.

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