Helpful Tips For Cleaning Your Wrought Iron Fence

7 April 2016
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If you have an iron fence on your property, you probably love its traditional, classy and elegant appearance and its durability. For it to look its best and for it to last as long as possible, however, you will need to keep it nice and clean. Luckily, following these steps can help you clean your iron fence effectively.

Wash It Like a Car

Your first step is to wash your iron fence much like you would a car. You'll need to mix up a bucket full of soapy water, which you can make with dish soap or another gentle soap. Then, spray a section of your fence, wash it down with a sponge or a rag, rinse with a water hose, and then repeat. Work in small sections to prevent water spots from the soap drying onto the fence, particularly on hot and sunny days.

Use a Scrub Brush as Needed

Even though your sponge or rag should do the job fairly well, there may be some spots on your fence that can't be cleaned that easily. For example, bird droppings can become stuck onto the fence and might require a bit of extra scrubbing power. A bristled scrub brush will work well for the job.

Get Rid of Mold or Mildew

If you have noticed any mold or mildew on your fence, you'll need to take things a step further beyond using a gentle soap and water. You'll want to get rid of the unattractive mold and mildew and prevent it from spreading, so mix up a solution of bleach, diluted with water, in a spray bottle. Spray it onto the areas where mold and mildew have been spotted, allow the bleach to soak for a couple of minutes, then rinse it away thoroughly with a water hose.

Inspect It for Imperfections

While you are cleaning your wrought iron fence, keep an eye out for any imperfections. Chipped paint should not be ignored, since the chipping can continue to spread and can leave the fence more susceptible to rust. Rust also shouldn't be ignored and should be sanded away with a piece of sandpaper. Once the rust has been removed, you will want to touch up the paint to prevent future rust from becoming an issue.

Washing your wrought iron fence is an important part of maintenance that should be done every few months, or as needed. If you follow these steps when cleaning your fence, you should have it sparkling and clean in no time. For assistance, talk to a professional like Underpressure Welding Inc Edmonton.