Top 7 Snow Removal Tips & Hacks

8 March 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Getting snowed in is fun when you can wrap up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa—not so much when you need to go outside to get to work. Here are seven tips and hacks that will make snow removal easier.

1. Use magnesium chloride on walkways

If there's a snow storm headed your way, spray magnesium chloride on your driveway and walkways. The magnesium chloride melts the snow as it hits the pavement, and can prevent as much as a couple inches of snow from accumulating.

2. Use cooking oil on your snow shovel 

Spray or wipe down your shovel's blade with cooking oil before you start shoveling. Cooking oil is hydrophobic so that the blade will glide through the snow. The snow will not stick to the blade, saving you a lot of energy trying to shake off the excess snow.

3. Cover your car

If you don't have a garage, cover your car to save yourself time and effort scraping your windshield. You can use a cover that will go over your entire car. If you don't have one, simply use a rug, blanket, tarp, or even your windshield's sun screen. Then simply remove the cover and shake off the snow.

4. Buy a snowblower

If you have an injury or you're getting older, often the best thing to do is buy a snowblower. Even though they're expensive, they will make short, easy work of the snow piled on your driveway and sidewalks.

5. Prevent your car doors from freezing with WD-40

The worst thing to happen when you come out to your car is to find your car door and locks frozen. Prevent your locks from freezing by spraying them with WD-40. You can also rub cooking oil on the frame and rubber around the door to prevent the door from freezing shut.

6. Use a roof rake

Use a roof rake to remove snow and ice from your roof. If you allow snow to build up on your roof, you run the risk of an ice dam forming. Ice dams can create leaks in your roof and ceiling. Remember to shovel the snow away from your foundation once you remove the snow from your roof.

7. Book snow removal services

The best and easiest way to remove snow is to hire someone else to do it for you. If you want to hire companies like H & H Enterprises Contracting services, book in advance. Book the services in the spring or summer when you're most likely to get a good deal.