Debunking Frequent Myths Concerning Aluminum Railing

11 August 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you are in the process of adding a deck to your home, and once the initial project is finished, you will be left with one big decision: the type of rails that you want to enclose the new structure. Rails do not just make the deck a more functional space, they give the outdoor living area a divider that sanctions it off from the rest of the property. One of the choices you have is aluminum railing. Even though this is a great decking rail choice for a lot of reasons, homeowners tend to let a few misconceptions get in the way of them considering aluminum rails at all. Here are a few of the most common myths about aluminum railing and the actual facts you will be glad to know. 

Myth: There are few choices of aluminum rails available. 

Fact: When you start really looking, you may be surprised at just how many different styles and designs there are of aluminum fencing to choose from. Aluminum fencing often makes you think of flat metal finishes, but in reality, aluminum can be designed to mimic just about any other material. Aluminum rails can be made to look like wooden slats and balusters, can be powder finished to appear like cast iron, and can even be dipped in PVC to create a solid appeal. 

Myth: The aluminum material will discolor and corrode over time. 

Fact: It is a major misconception that aluminum is a corrosive material, even though it is actually one of the most resilient metals and will not rust or discolor over time. Additionally, the coatings that are added to aluminum rails act as a layer of protection, making aluminum rails easy to clean and maintain through the years. 

Myth: Aluminum rails are too expensive. 

Fact: Aluminum rails are a little more expensive than those that are made with wood, usually coming priced around $140 to $180. Wooden rails may be considerably lower, but wooden rails also require more maintenance and will break down and deteriorate over time. Therefore, even though the initial investment is a bit more, in the end, you get more years of service from aluminum railing. 

When you take a look at the true facts about aluminum railing versus believing the myths, it is easy to see why this is a logical finishing touch to any deck. Be sure you take some time to check out the various types of aluminum rails that are available to perfectly complement the deck that you have just completed on your home and talk to railing contractors, like those at Alberta Vinyl Decking & Railings Ltd, for more information.