3 Reasons To Work On Your Oilfield Construction Project At Night

12 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When planning your oilfield construction project, you have probably been planning to work during the daytime hours. Although this might be standard in the construction industry, there is one other option -- working at night. If you rent portable work lights and portable generators to run them with, you'll be able to work when you otherwise couldn't. This can be surprisingly beneficial for you and your crew; these are a few reasons why.

1. Work During Cooler and More Comfortable Temperatures

If you are working on your oilfield project during the spring and summer months, you have probably noticed just how hot it can get on the construction site. By working after the sun goes down, you can enjoy cooler temperatures. This can make your workday a lot less miserable and can help prevent sunburn, heat exhaustion and other issues that can come from working on a hot summer day.

2. Get Your Project Done More Quickly

If you are on a tight schedule, you might find that working in the evening hours can help you get your project completed on time. For example, you can have a night and day shift, which means that you are getting twice as much work done in a 24 hour period. Even if you don't want to have workers going 24 hours a day, it can be smart to be prepared to work in the evenings anyway. Then, you don't have to stop working just because it gets dark; instead, you can get in a few more hours of work before you stop for the day, which can help you stay on schedule.

3. Avoid Interfering With Other Contractors

During the day, your average oilfield construction site can be incredibly busy with contractors and workers all trying to get things done. This can easily cause workers to be in your way and vice versa, which can make for a rather miserable and unproductive workday. By working in the evening hours, however, you can get your work done when there is no one there.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to work on your oilfield project in the evening hours. All you have to do is rent light towers and portable generators, and it should be easy to set up your construction site so that you can get things done after hours. Then, you can enjoy these three benefits and more. For more information, do a search on hd rentals oilfield grande prairie.