3 Household Repairs You Should Never Attempt By Yourself

2 December 2014
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Owning a home can turn into a do-it-yourself adventure of remodeling and repairs. Work that doesn't require expert knowledge such as painting, sanding a floor or tiling can be learned by the average homeowner and attempted over a long weekend. However, there are some household repair jobs that can be dangerous in the wrong hands and are best left to the professionals. What repairs should you never attempt unless you're a professional in that area?

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors seem simple enough, moving up and down with the control of a button and pausing if something gets in the way like your car's bumper. But it takes a lot of intricate and perfectly timed parts to make all of that happen. If you attempt to repair a malfunctioning door yourself, you could have a door that's permanently closed or a personal injury lawsuit concerning someone getting caught between the door and the floor.

Hire a professional, like Calgary Overhead Doors LTD, to deal with the tightly-wound springs and weighty doors. The garage door will be fixed without danger and the pro can show you maintenance work you can do yourself, such as oiling the mechanisms or replacing dented panels in the door.

Anything Involving Electricity

If something involves electrical wires, and you aren't an electrician, don't touch anything. This holds true even if you have shut off the breaker to the room containing the wires. You don't want your last words to be, "I think it's off."

Last year, the Electrical Safety Branch reported hundreds of accidental electrocutions in Canada. There were also reports of thousands of house fires, and you don't want any supposedly successful repairs to later add your home to that list! Plus, building codes for electricity are extremely strict, so if you do something wrong, you could be fined. Hire an electrician if you need new wires in a room or need to change out your ungrounded outlets. A professional can handle a wide range of problems without the risk of electrocution and suggest other changes to better optimize your setup.

HVAC Repair

Heating, vents and air conditioners can combine the problems from both garage doors and electricity. There are far more parts involved than you may realize, and all of those parts need to be perfect for the device to function. Plus, HVAC systems use refrigerant and other chemicals that can be hazardous if you don't know what you're dealing with. For instance, you could have a leaking system or a frozen coil. Proper HVAC systems will keep the interior of your home comfortable and keep your electric and gas bills lower. The monthly savings make it well worth the time and investment of calling a professional to deal with poorly circulating air.