Six Creative Ways To Incorporate Concrete Into Your Modern Home Design

24 November 2014
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Sleek lines, bold design, straight edges, and a minimalist look—all are hallmarks of contemporary home design. They're also characteristics of concrete, a favorite element among modern homeowners. If you're looking to incorporate more of a modern feel into your home, there are several ways you can do so through the use of concrete pieces that, strategically utilized, can make a big statement. 

Statement Wall

If you're looking to make concrete a central element in your home's design, consider going big and creating a completely concrete wall. The simplicity and natural finish will make it a focal point and a conversation piece, whether you use it to complement or contrast your home's existing decor. And the good news, is you can do so without having to undertake any demolition by simply applying concrete to your existing wall surface.

Wine Storage

Nothing quite says sophisticated like a store of good wine encased in smooth concrete. An online search for concrete wine holders yields several manufacturers' designs—from individual "wine bunkers," hollowed-out cubes of concrete that can be stacked and arranged according to your taste, to larger wine racks. Thanks to the way concrete conducts heat, they have the added benefit of keeping your wine cool.

Kitchen counter

Going with concrete, rather than the traditional granite, for your countertops is another way to make a big modern statement in your home. Besides the virtually unlimited color options concrete provides, once it has been sealed, it becomes water- and stain-resistant and ages gracefully over time. 


While most people are familiar with the ubiquitous concrete steps used outside of buildings, you may not have realized that incorporating concrete into your home's interior stairwell can enhance your interior, contemporary design. Contact a concrete contractor to see if concrete steps can be incorporated into your home's existing design—concrete is much heavier than wood and carpet and your home may require some adjustments before concrete steps can be installed.

Bathroom sinks

For a practically no-fuss way to bring concrete into your existing home design, look no further than a concrete bathroom sink. The clean lines and minimalist look work just as well with raised sinks, which can be paired with a more traditional vanity made of wood or other materials, as they do with sinks that are incorporated into the bathroom countertop. 

Concrete Clocks

A newer item on the market, concrete clocks feature concrete faces and come in a variety of unique patterns to complement any design. Mounted on a wall, these clocks serve as both functional and beautiful decor.