3 Useful Accessories For Directional Drillers

11 November 2014
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If you work in the oil industry, you may spend a lot of time directional drilling. In order to make the vehicle that drills more enjoyable to be in, these accessories can be incorporated into it.

Air Suspension Cab Seat

Since you may be sitting all day in the oil drilling machine, you are going to need a comfortable seat. This is what you get with an air suspension cab seat. Featuring an air suspension, this seat will absorb shocks and bumps. So when you drive over rough surfaces, you will not feel a thing.

These seats have controls on the side, letting you easily adjust them horizontally and vertically. That way, you can find the perfect angle while sitting to stay comfortable and see everything clearly. Some of these cab seats have heating elements inside. So when you are drilling during the winter, your bottom and back can stay warm.

LED Light Fixtures

Sometimes there might not be enough light inside the drilling machine, preventing you from doing your job effectively and safely. This doesn't have to be a problem if you set up LED light fixtures inside the machine. These lights are designed to last up to 50,000 hours, and they are cool to the touch. So if your hands or legs get close to them, they will not get burned.

These fixtures give off a warm color light, which will not irritate your eyes while drilling at night. Since these lights don't contain any sort of filament inside them, they will not be prone to breaking over the years. In turn, you don't have to worry about replacing them on a regular basis.

Electric Cooler

Sometimes you may get hungry after drilling for hours. It may be your lunch break, and instead of heading to a gas station or restaurant, you can simply eat in the drilling machine when you keep an electric cooler inside it. These coolers plug into the cigarette lighter of your machine to stay running. They will keep food and drinks cold, so they will taste great whenever you are ready for them.

Since these coolers are lightweight and often have straps on them at the top, carrying them around the job site will not be difficult at all. Some of these coolers even have cup holders at the top.

Working in the oil industry may require you to spend all day directional drilling. The machine that does the drilling will be more enjoyable to work out of thanks to the accessories listed above. If you're looking for directional drilling services yourself, contact a company like Ironman Directional Drilling.