Five Steps For Closing Your Above Ground Pool For The Winter Months

4 November 2014
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Winter comes all to quickly, and you need to prepare your pool for the chill. This can be a daunting task. It can be even more of a headache if you have an above ground pool with a liner, exposed lines and other pool equipment that needs to be protected from the winter freeze. It does not have to be too complicated, however, all you need to do is follow these five simple steps, and your pool will make it safely through winter. 

1. Test The Water And Make Sure That It Has Good PH

Even during the winter months, bacteria and algae can cause problems. This is why it is important to check the PH balance before you close your pool. Checking the PH and making sure that it is properly balanced will make it easy for you to open your pool in the spring time. Some people may choose to wait until the temperature drops in later fall, but be sure to do it before the first freeze. This will reduce the chance of the PH balance changing with warmer temperatures.

2. Shock The Pool To Kill Any Bacteria And Other Contaminants Before Winter

You will want to shock the pool with an algaecide and chlorine shock. Doing this will help to clean the water and make it clear. When doing these things, you will also want to vacuum and remove any debris in your pool. This will reduce bacteria and ensure that your pool will be clean and ready for swimming when you open it in the springtime.

3. Use An Ice Protection System For The Water In The Pool

For above ground pools, there are also systems that can equalize the effects of ice. These are systems that help prevent the entire pool form icing with a type of antifreeze in weights. The weights also help to counteract the ice on the top, which can cut the liner. This means that it prevents the ice from expanding against the sides and tearing the liner. You can get these systems from many different vendors of pool supplies that sell products for above ground pools.

4. Protect The Pump With A Pump Protection Liquid

The pump and lines of your pool will also have to be protected from the winter freeze. This can be done with a liquid that you can get from a pool supplier. It is a type of antifreeze product that you will put in the filter. You will want to close all the outlets and then add this liquid to the filter. If there is still water in the lines of the pool, you may also want to add pipe insulation to the lines to give them further protection from winter freezes. You can just use regular pipe insulation from a hardware store, which you will just need to get insulation for the size pipe you have on your pool.

5. Plug All The Outlets And Install Your Pool Cover For The Winter

The last thing that you will want to do is close all the outlets and install the cover for your pool. You will want to put tops on all the inlets and outlets of your pool as well as the skimmers on your pool. Once you have everything covered, the last step is to install the pool cover for your pool. You may want to add a cord that can be tensioned in the middle, which will help to minimize sagging of the cover, and make it easier to remove standing water when it is time to open your pool.

These are the five simple steps you will want to take to closing your pool. If you need some of the products to close your above ground pool, contact a pool supplier like Imperial Paddock Pools Ltd to get all the materials you need to prepare your pool for a harsh winter.