How Bleed Water Can Interfere With Driveway Surface Durability

3 November 2014
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Are you aware that failing to get your driveway constructed by a professional can lead to the aggregate materials scaling prematurely? It is vital for excess water known as bleed water to rise to the surface of the mixture before the aggregates are laid if you want a durable surface. In this article, you will find out how bleed water can interfere with driveway surface durability and how you can contribute to how long the surface will look good.

How Can Bleed Water Interfere with Driveway Surface Durability?

When bleed water is left on the concrete mixture when the aggregates are laid, there will be a lot of pressure under the surface. The rocks, gravel or other aggregates will be weak and able to quickly scale when you park your heavy vehicle on the driveway. The bleed water basically pushes the aggregates because there is no way for it to escape.

When a concrete mixture is poured for a driveway, the excess water continually rises to the surface and it eventually evaporates. It is important to leave the task to an expert because he or she will know when it is safe to lay the aggregates. However, even if the driveway is professionally constructed, you can experience premature deterioration if you use certain products on the surface.

How Can a Driveway Surface Remain Looking Good for a Long Time?

The most important thing you can do is keep products with calcium chloride in them off of the driveway surface it you want it to last. You can find the harmful chemical in deicers. Make sure you use an alternative method if the concrete is frozen, such as sand.

Make the surface of your driveway last by also protecting it from fertilizing products when the lawn is being cared for. Fertilizer has a large amount of sulfates that don't react well with aggregate materials. The water content in liquid fertilizers can also cause a lot of damage.

A good looking driveway will give the exterior of your home more appeal, so do everything possible to protect it from premature scaling. The key to a durable surface is hiring a paving expert for the task of construction and not using products with harmful chemicals. Although it is natural for the surface of a driveway to need repairs after some time has passed, you can make it last longer with a little extra care! For more tips, contact a company like Atlas Paving Company Inc.