3 Ways A Roofer Can Get You Ready For Winter

9 October 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Are you worried about the upcoming winter snow creating damages to your roof? If so, you still have plenty of time to hire a roofing contractor who can ensure your roof is in top condition before the snow season arrives. Having your roof inspected and repaired before the snow season arrives is critical, as this can create major roof and home damages from occurring. With services from a professional roofing contractor like Whalley's Four Seasons Roofing, you will be able to receive repairs, such as:

Rain Gutter Cleaning Services:

If your gutters are still packed with leaves from the fall season or compacted with debris, then this can create some serious issues with the snowy weather and your roof. Not providing the snow a dedicated escape drain can create dangerous icicles from building up on the side, front and back of your house. This can also add additional weight onto your roof, which can cause your roof to potentially cave in. These are both issues that can be prevented with professional roofing services, as your roofer can clear out any blocked drains to ensure the snow has a proper way to melt from your roof. 

Shingle Repairs:

Do you have some shingles that curl up at the corner ends? If so, having these shingles replaced or flattened is important, as you will want to keep your roof thoroughly insulated. If the shingles on your roof are damaged or missing, this can cause the heat from inside of your home to melt the snow on your roof. Because of this, the snow on your roof will just turn into ice, rather than melt and escape through the rain gutter. Having your roofer repair any broken shingles will keep snow weight off of your roof and will ensure your home does not pose a threat to caving in.

Chimney Maintenance:

To ensure your chimney works properly, you will want to have a professional inspect it. Your roofer will be able to inspect and be sure that the ventilation of your chimney is working properly, and that the damp door shuts and opens correctly. If the damp door does not function properly then this allows you to have your contractor repair or replace it before needed. This can help keep your home warm  during the winter season, as you can prevent cold air draft from entering your home by properly shutting the damp door on your chimney. 

Services like these can help tremendously and will prevent major damages caused by the snow to occur. So, be sure to hire a professional contractor before the winter season comes, as this will help keep your home and roof in great condition.