Get The Bid: How General Contractors Are Staying Competitive

2 October 2014
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Many general contractors have a broad skill set and a lot of great experience but don't know how to translate their achievements into a marketing strategy. The general contractor market is growing as people realize that the market holds potential for high paying jobs and flexibility to work as an entrepreneur. Below, we discuss some of the ways contractors can stay relevant and earn bids.

Use Service Review Websites for Research               

Sites like Angie's list are great resources that your potential customers use to decide who to hire for their projects. You can use these sites to see what other companies are doing that is getting them good and bad reviews. For example, you may discover that price is not as important as hitting project deadlines for your customers.

Market Safe Work Practices

You may be bidding to work on someone's family home, business offices, or school classrooms. One thing that every client wants to be sure of is that you will complete the job safely. To gain the trust of your potential clients, make safety a large part of your pitch. For example, describe the measures you will be putting in place to keep the client safe from danger during construction and describe practices that you require your crew to follow.

Make Your Current Customers Your Secret Weapon

There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth to convince potential customers to choose your business. Including being great at what you do, there are several other small steps you can take to really wow your customers who will then spread word about the incredible service they received.

  1. Be professional: People expect contractors to behave with a certain level of gruff unprofessionalism due to poor customer service standards that have been offered in the past. A surefire way to stand out from your competition is to operate and expect that your team functions professionally by treating customers with respect, communicating openly, being on time for meetings and deadlines, and handling disputes politely.
  2. Manage Your Jobsite: Clients are hiring you to own the job they've awarded you. Blow them away by keeping a clean work place, setting expectations that everyone stay busy, and holding people accountable when these expectations are not met.
  3. The details matter: So you have the skill, customer service, and site management down, but you can continue impressing your clients by giving them things they didn't ask for. For example, contractors who take the next step and offer follow-up referrals, product information, thank you notes, training, and alignment meetings are more likely to wow their clients.
  4. Be honest: Clients don't like having the wool pulled over their eyes. If there is a problem that may prevent you from hitting the project deadline, tell your client. They may not like delay, but they will appreciate the honesty and will be especially thrilled if you're able to overcome the obstacle and hit the deadline after all.

There are several ways general contractors can set themselves apart for their competition. A few strict principles and going the extra mile can help you stand out among the piles of bids for your dream project. For more advice, contact another general contractor like Matrix Construction Ltd.