Choosing Between Garbage Bins And Junk Removal Services

28 February 2020
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When you choose to complete a home renovation project, you might think about all the excess waste you will have. The same applies to cleaning out a house that has been lived in by a hoarder or if you need to clean out a property for any other reason. You might weigh your options, which could include either renting a dumpster or booking a junk removal service to come in. Is a bin rental the better option? Read More 

Keep Your Kids Safe On The Deck With 4 Simple Safety Tips

8 April 2016
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Having a deck in your backyard can provide a great way to enjoy barbecuing, spend some time outdoors, or entertaining friends and family when the weather is nice. While you may enjoy several aspects of having a deck, it's important that you consider some of the safety risks if you have young children. Since your deck is likely a few feet off the ground, there's always the chance that your child could fall and hurt themselves. Read More 

Two Maintenance Tips For New Dock Owners

8 April 2016
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For those that live next to the water and enjoy boating, choosing to install a dock can be an excellent way of ensuring that you have easy and convenient access to your boat. However, there are some people that may not be fully aware of the steps necessary to properly care for their wood docks. This can lead to them making mistakes that can compromise the appearance, functionality, and safety of the dock. Read More 

Helpful Tips For Cleaning Your Wrought Iron Fence

7 April 2016
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If you have an iron fence on your property, you probably love its traditional, classy and elegant appearance and its durability. For it to look its best and for it to last as long as possible, however, you will need to keep it nice and clean. Luckily, following these steps can help you clean your iron fence effectively. Wash It Like a Car Your first step is to wash your iron fence much like you would a car. Read More 

Top 7 Snow Removal Tips & Hacks

8 March 2016
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Getting snowed in is fun when you can wrap up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa—not so much when you need to go outside to get to work. Here are seven tips and hacks that will make snow removal easier. 1. Use magnesium chloride on walkways If there's a snow storm headed your way, spray magnesium chloride on your driveway and walkways. The magnesium chloride melts the snow as it hits the pavement, and can prevent as much as a couple inches of snow from accumulating. Read More